The journal Heritage of Centuries (Nasledie vekov) publishes results of completed original research on issues of cultural heritage in various fields of modern humanitarian knowledge (history, cultural studies, art criticism, art history, etc.). Published articles reflect results of research on the heritage of the past, the current state of historical and cultural monuments, as well as results of methodological studies that determine approaches to the understanding, studying and protecting of cultural heritage in the future.
The journal publishes results of applied and basic research, descriptions of fundamentally new scientific methods and approaches, overviews on selected problems (taking into account the current state-of-the-art research), reviews of research articles. The journal only accepts for publication original manuscripts previously not published anywhere and not submitted for publication to any other journal. The journal is intended for a broad range of experts in cultural heritage: Russian and international scholarly community, professional researchers, educators, teachers, undergraduates, and all those interested in the topic.
The journal serves as the basis for forging links among scholars from different regions of Russia and other countries.
For better understanding of problems and results described in the articles, each has an extended abstract in English.
The decision on publication is made by the Editorial Board after reviewing and considering the compliance of the submission with the subject area of the journal, the relevance of the problem it discusses, its theoretical and applied novelty and value, and its quality.