Journal Sections

The Main Sections of Thematic Issues contain articles and materials related to the current theoretical and applied issues of preservation and use of cultural heritage, state cultural policy and sociocultural practice, and to the most important anniversary dates. Topics of issues are determined by the Editorial Board of the journal.

Anthropology of Culture contains articles and materials that represent a comprehensive analysis of the processes of social development, values, language, norms, customs, practices, the specifics of cultural development and the internal dynamics of culture as a complex of elements that make up its unique and unrepeatable heritage.

At the Crossroads of Cultures contains articles and materials on topical issues of intercultural interference and interaction, on the study of similarity and differences of cultural heritage and other structural elements of cultures, on the theoretical and applied aspects of sociocultural dynamics.

Biographics contains articles and materials on historical and biographical problems that reveal the circumstances of life and contain an analysis of creative heritage of outstanding public figures: scholars, enlighteners, local historians, writers, artists.

Book Publishing: Heritage, Experience, Practice contains articles and materials that reflect the information space and cultural heritage associated with it (book monuments and collections), the creation and dissemination of printed works, the dynamic aspects of the formation of the polygraph infrastructure, book trade, library business.

Book Reviews contains abstracts, reviews and overviews of new books in the field of cultural and natural heritage studies, history, cultural studies, regional and local studies, theory and history of art, sociocultural anthropology, theory and history of museums, history of literature and folklore.

Cultural Life: History and Modernity contains articles and materials devoted to the study of the diverse aspects of the history of cultural life in the synchronic and diachronic aspects, the art process, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, structure-forming factors of modern culture, cultural genesis in the era of globalization.

Discussions includes authorial materials containing analysis, evaluation and interpretation of articles previously published in the journal Heritage of Centuries (Nasledie vekov), which caused the greatest resonance and interest of representatives of the scholarly community.

Historical and Cultural Monuments contains articles and materials related to the study of problems of preservation, use, interpretation and updating of monuments of tangible and intangible heritage.

Man and Time contains articles and materials related to the study of the universal and particular aspects of social, economic, political history, all types of everyday practices at all levels and in all manifestations; the range of objects of analysis includes problems of domestic history, historical anthropology, the history of ideas as cultural heritage.

Memoirs, Diaries, Documents contains firstly published archive materials and documents of personal origin with appropriate commentaries or original articles written on their basis.

Museion: Exhibitions, Funds, Collections contains articles and materials that reflect the study of cultural heritage preserved in museums, the history of the museum activities of Russia, the social functions of museums, the theory, methodology and modern technologies of museum and exhibition activities.

Regional Historical and Cultural Studies includes articles and materials on the problems of the genesis and development of regional cultures and their heritage, studies of the specifics of the distinctive cultural and historical path of peoples in different regions of the world and peculiarities of the formation of regional cultural spaces and communities.

Scientific Life of the South of Russia contains brief reviews of various events (symposiums, conferences, forums, round tables) of an academic and educational nature on the widest range of problems on the study of historical and cultural tangible and intangible heritage in social sciences and the humanities.