Гапуров Ш. А.

Shakhrudin A. GAPUROV — Dr. Sci. (National History), Prof., President, Academy of Science of the Chechen Republic, Head, Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Chechen State University, Members of Publications Council, Journal «Heritage of Centuries», Grozny, Russia, e-mail: gapurov2011@mail.ru


Articles Published in the Magazine «Heritage of Centuries»

Gapurov, Sh. A., and Magomaev, V. Kh., Kavkazskaya voyna v tvorchestve L. N. Tolstogo (Caucasian War in Leo Tolstoy’s Creativity), Nasledie Vekov, 2015, no. 2, pp. 17-23. http://heritage-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015_2_Gapurov_Magomaev.pdf . Accessed Month DD, YYYY >>>