Heritage of Centuries | 2017 | No. 3 (11) | Vahit Kh. Akaev


Murdalov’s Ascetic Work


© Vahit Kh. Akaev

Dr. Sci. (Theory and History of Culture),
Prof., Chief Researcher, Department of Humanities,
Complex Research Institute, Russian Academy
of Science, Academician, Academy of Sciences
of the Chechen Republic





Аbstract: The reviewed publication is prepared for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Aibulat, a Russian poet, a Chechen by birth, who was captured during the infantry battle near the village of Dady-Yurt. Educated by Baron Mikhail K. Rozen, he was formed under the influence of progressive Russian literature as a lyric poet. Aibulat published in magazines and newspapers that printed Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Ivan Turgenev, Andrey Krayevsky, Pyotr Pletnev, etc. The researcher Muslim M. Murdalov on the basis of studying a vast array of documents reconstructed the life and creative path of Aibulat Ozdi, as well as little-known pages of history, culture, literature of the nineteenth century, the fate of the participants in the Caucasian War, captured and educated by the Russian military.

Keywords: review, history of culture, Caucasian war, Konstantin Aibulat, biography, culture of Chechnya.

Article information: Received on August 10, 2017, signed by the print, volume 3 / 2017 on September 14, 2017, published on September 29, 2017.

Full bibliographic reference to the article: Akaev V. Kh. Podvizhnicheskiy trud Muslima Murdalova (Muslimov Murdalov’s Ascetic Work), Review of the book: Murdalov, M. M., Kavkazskiy urozhenets: istoriko-literaturnyy ocherk o zhizni i tvorchestve poeta Konstantina Aybulata-Rozena (Caucasian Son: Historical and Literary Essay on the Life and Work of the Poet Konstantin Aybulat-Rosen), Groznyy, 2017. Nasledie vekov, 2017, no. 3, pp. 114-118. URL: http://heritage-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017_3_Akaev.pdf. Accessed Month DD, YYYY.




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