Heritage of Centuries | 2017 | No. 2 (10) | Oleg Aravin


Regional Historical Studies
of the Kuban Region in the
Mirror of Biobibliography


© Oleg F. Aravin

Cand. Sci. (National History),
Independent Researcher





Аbstract: The review is devoted to the analysis of the biobibliographical dictionary, reflecting the current state of historical local lore in the Krasnodar Region. The relevance of the book and the timeliness of its publication are noted. Each article of the dictionary is a small biographical sketch in which the method of comparative analysis is widely used, an author’s assessment of the activity and creativity of a local historian is given. Great importance for the subsequent development of local lore have lists of author’s publications, which are provided with all the articles of the dictionary. The author of the review makes a special emphasis on the analysis of the degree of representation in the dictionary of biobibliographic material devoted to the local historians of the city of Tikhoretsk and Tikhoretsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. The reviewer characterizes the contribution of each of them to the study of local history, while pointing to the facts known to him, which supplement the information reflected in the peer-reviewed dictionary.

Keywords: review, biobibliography, dictionary, local lore, local history, Kuban, Krasnodar Region, Tikhoretsk, Tikhoretsky district.

Article information: Received on May 16, 2017, signed by the print, volume 2 / 2017 on July 19, 2017, published on July 31, 2017.

Full bibliographic reference to the article: Aravin O. F. Istoricheskoe kraevedenie Kubani v zerkale biobibliografii (Regional Historical Studies of the Kuban Region in the Mirror of Biobibliography), Review of the book: Trekhbratov, B. A., Kto est’ kto v kubanovedenii. Biobibliograficheskiy slovar’-spravochnik (Who is Who in Kuban Studies. Biobibliographic Dictionary), Krasnodar: Traditsiya, 2014, Nasledie vekov, 2017, no. 2, pp. 78-83. URL: http://heritage-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017_2_Aravin.pdf. Accessed Month DD, YYYY.




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