Heritage of Centuries | 2017 | No. 2 (10) | Nadezhda Orlova


«The Revolution Has Opened
the New Paths before Us…»


© Nadezhda Kh. Orlova

Dr. Sci. (Religious Studies, Philosophical
Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture), Prof.,
Department of Cultural Studies, Philosophy of Culture
and Aesthetics, Saint Petersburg State University




Аbstract: One can hardly ignore the drama of the fate of Russian people which after the Revolution of 1917 not only interrupted their way of life, but left their country. The representatives of Russian cultural elite: religious philosophers, theologians, and Church leaders are occupied the significant place in this list. For one part of them South of Russia was the corridor for emigration to flee from persecution and physical extermination. The representatives of the other part, trying to influence the fate of the Fatherland, settled in the White South (they taught at the universities, served in the temples, joined to the Volunteer Army). The drama of the revolutionary time fixed in the texts, which were motivated by different ideological objectives. The article is based on the publications of Boris Kandidov, the organizer of the Central antireligious Museum in Moscow, and the memoirs of the last Protopresbyter of the Russian Army Georgy Shavelsky. Author shows that common place in their texts is the desire to reproduce the documented course of events. In this sense, a century later, they are equivalent as the sources.

Keywords: Stavropol Episcopal Council, the Provisional Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority, Protopresbyter George Shavelsky, Boris Kandidov, the spiritual elite.

Article information: Received on May 16, 2017, signed by the print, volume 2 / 2017 on July 19, 2017, published on July 31, 2017.

Full bibliographic reference to the article: Orlova, N. Kh.  «Revolyutsiya razverzla pered nami novye puti…» («The Revolution Has Opened the New Paths before Us…»), Nasledie Vekov, 2017, no. 2, pp. 28-35. URL: http://heritage-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017_2_Orlova.pdf. Accessed Month DD, YYYY.




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