Heritage of Centuries | 2017 | No. 1 (9)Lyudmila Ryaguzova


Russian-Adyghe Literary
Connections in Vsevolod A. Michelson’s Educational Activities


© Lyudmila N. Ryaguzova
Dr. Sci. (General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics,
Psycholinguistics), Prof., Department of Russian Literature,
Literature Theory and Criticism, Kuban State University




Аbstract: The author considers methodological principles and structure of the first textbook for reading in Russian for the sixth grade of the Adyghe school in the context of the scientific and pedagogical practice by professor Vsevolod A. Michelson. In the selection of material for the book, emphasis was placed on the study of classical texts. Elements of the analysis of the text were accompanied by an acquaintance with the theoretical and literary concepts. Questions for assignments include rather complex elements of independent and creative work. Comments on texts and assignments of the textbook take into consideration the age features and national specifics of students, reflect the aesthetic taste of the compilers. The textbook is of interest as a reflection of the development of methodological principles of teaching literature and the Russian language at the national school. The author notes that the techniques of actualization of vocabulary fix the skill of the unconscious, mechanical language translation, expand the boundaries of mastery of the concepts of Russian culture and their verbal-conceptual figurative expression.

Keywords: national school, multilingualism, methodology of teaching literature, cultural concept, ethnographism, topos.

Article information: Received on February 22, 2017, signed by the print, volume 1 / 2017 on April 14, 2017, published on April 28, 2017.

Full bibliographic reference to the article: Ryaguzova, L. N., Russko-adygeyskie literaturnye svyazi v prosvetitel’skoy deyatel’nosti V. A. Mikhel’sona (Russian-Adyghe Literary Connections in Vsevolod A. Michelson’s Educational Activities), Nasledie Vekov, 2017, no. 1, pp. 56-63. http://heritage-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2017_1_Ryaguzova.pdf. Accessed Month DD, YYYY.



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