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Vybyvanets, E. V. (2019). “The Theater Is already Full…”. Experience of Understanding of the Opera Masterpiece. Heritage of Centuries, (1), 46-53. Retrieved from http://heritage-magazine.com/index.php/HC/article/view/9
The Year of Theater in Russia

“The Theater Is already Full…”. Experience of Understanding of the Opera Masterpiece

  • © Vybyvanets Eleonora V. Cand. Sci. (Musical Art), Lecturer of the Music Theory, 12th Children’s Art School of the Krasnodar


The author critically analyzes the specific stage version of the opera “Eugene Onegin” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and identifies its advantages and disadvantages. The experience of comprehension of the opera masterpiece is presented in the context of the sociocultural mentality and problems of the present. The new version of the play, the premiere of which took place in December 2015, seems relevant and timely. The author points out that the contrast between the new reading, good and significantly closer to the traditions, with the previous version of the opera is rather striking. The focus is on the coverage of the lyrical essence of musical stage dramatic composition and the characteristics of the heroes of the opera, an attempt to reveal the philosophical component of the intentions of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky. It is concluded that the directors have achieved a sufficiently intelligible and consistent (with few exceptions) unity between the musical and dramatic development and its scenic embodiment.

Keywords: Krasnodar Musical Theater, Vladislav Karklin, lyricism, love, director’s decision, visual metaphors, soloists, orchestra, empathy of the viewer-listener.