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Dianov, S. A., & Dianova, Y. V. (2021). Geocultural Branding of a Modern City: The Cosmic Perm. Heritage of Centuries, (2), 13-23. https://doi.org/10.36343/SB.2021.26.2.001
“On the Dusty Paths of Distant Planets..."

Geocultural Branding of a Modern City: The Cosmic Perm

  • © Dianov Sergey A. Dr. Sci. (National History), Assoc. Prof., Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russian Federation

  • © Dianova Yuliya V. Cand. Sci. (Theory and History of Culture), Perm College of Construction, Perm, Russian Federation


For several years, the authors have been developing possible options for a geocultural branding strategy for Perm. The aim of the study is to develop one of the possible concepts for the implementation of the geocultural branding of Perm, the core of which is the “cosmic” past and present of the city. The theme of the cultural heritage of the Soviet era, associated with the exploration of outer space, is an immanent part of the city’s visual and aesthetic environment. Its phenomenal core is made up of official and unofficial toponymy (“cosmic” names of city streets, boulevards), urban legends and traditions, places of memory, monumental sculpture, small architectural forms, thematic mosaics, bas-reliefs and sgraffitos on the facades of city buildings. The analysis uses the concept of geocultural branding of territories and cities by the Russian scientist Dmitry Zamyatin, as well as the theory of a creative city by the British researcher Charles Landry. The city’s image passport, which constitutes the general conceptual basis of the Cosmic Perm geocultural brand, includes: cosmic names of city streets (Shosse Kosmonavtov [Cosmonauts’ Highway], Ulitsa Kosmonavta Leonova [Cosmonaut Leonov Street], Ulitsa Kosmonavta Belyaeva [Cosmonaut Belyaev Street], Ulitsa Akademika Koroleva [Academician Korolev Street], Bul'var Gagarina [Gagarin Boulevard]), monuments and steles (monument to Yu A. Gagarin), the historically first planetarium in the Urals region, exhibition samples of rocket space technology of the city’s large enterprises, unique museum expositions (Museum of Perm Artillery, Museum of the History of Cosmonautics of the Perm Aviation College named after A.D. Shvetsov), products of street artists. For the first time, the article presents the geocultural scheme Cosmic Perm, which reflects these resources. On the eve of its anniversary (2023), Perm has unique opportunities to launch mechanisms for the implementation of a holistic strategy of geocultural development. It is noted thatPerm has enough image resources to enter the top five comfortable and creative cities in Russia. It is possible to launch a real effective strategy for the geocultural branding of a city, provided that cultural and creative activities by city residents and its resource provision are activated, which is quite within the ability of local business communities and power groups. One must not forget about the potential risks of the practical implementation of the Cosmic Perm geocultural brand. The authors emphasize that local authorities should not prioritize only the goals of promoting the development of domestic educational and event tourism in Perm Krai.

Keywords: city branding, geocultural branding, urban environment, cultural institutions, cosmic streets, cosmic images, creative action