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Towards an Understanding of “I Don’t Understand”

  • © Triodin Vladimir Ye. Dr. Sci. (Theory, Methods and Organization of Socio-Cultural Activities), Prof., Hon. Prof., Saint Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions


The monograph of the famous Petersburg historian, Prof. Sergey N. Poltorak Granin was published by the publishing house “Kuchkovo Pole” in February 2019. The reviewer highly appreciates the research the book is based on. It is emphasized that the author has done a great job of studying the writer’s biography and works. A painstaking archival search was an important component; it was archival documents that allowed to recreate many previously unknown but important details of Daniil A. Granin’s biography, to correct errors in the existing interpretations. It is noted that Poltorak neglected not only the well-established literary myths, but also the generally accepted official point of view on the most important dates and events in the writer’s life. Arguably considering the contradictions of Granin’s personality and civil position, the author of the review in some cases enters into controversy with Poltorak.

Keywords: Daniil A. Granin, biography, archival sources, creative way, citizenship, social responsibility of writer, Leningrad – St. Petersburg, Sergey N. Poltorak.