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Markova, O. N. (2019). The Experience of the Typological Analysis of the Historical Development of the City of Krasnodar. Heritage of Centuries, (1), 112-126. Retrieved from http://heritage-magazine.com/index.php/HC/article/view/14
Historical and Cultural Monuments

The Experience of the Typological Analysis of the Historical Development of the City of Krasnodar

  • © Markova Oksana N. Senior Researcher, Department for Cultural Heritage Studies and Expert Activities, Southern Branch, Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage


Article is devoted to a problem of the typological analysis of historical building development of the central part of the city of Krasnodar having the status of the historical settlement. The research is conducted within scientific project works by definition of a subject of protection and specification of borders of the territory of the historical settlement. Process of formation and growth of historical building development of Krasnodar is considered, general characteristics for historical buildings of Krasnodar of all chronological periods are allocated. On the basis of results of a complex of historical, town-planning, archival, bibliographic, natural researches the main types of historical buildings, morphotypes of building of quarters, types of historical functional zones (environmental types) causing a historical and cultural originality and value of the town-planning environment of the historical settlement of the city of Krasnodar are revealed. Results of the typological analysis which is carried out in the course of definition of subject of protection of the historical building development formed the basis for establishment of requirements to town-planning regulations in borders of the historical settlement.

Keywords: Ekaterinodar, Krasnodar, historical settlement, cultural landscape, historic centre, history of urban development of Krasnodar, historical development, typology of historic building, morphotypes of historic building.