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The Early Stages of the History of the Krasnodar Squadron (1932–1945)

  • © Kushneryov Valery V. Assoc. Prof., Department of Navigation and Combat Using, Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots


On the example of the formation of the Krasnodar aviation detachment, the history and problems of the construction of a civilian passenger aviation enterprise in the pre-war period are revealed. The Pashkovsky air base (later the 218th Pashkovsky aviation detachment of the special application of the civil air fleet) was formed in 1932 on the basis of the aircraft equipment owned by the pest control society.  Regular passenger and postal shipments began in the prewar period. An aeronautical meteorological civil station operated at the aerodrome, and an agricultural aviation school was established in the village of Pashkovskaya. After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the aviation detachment was transformed into an aviation squadron. The author reveals and investigates the facts related to the performance of combat missions by Krasnodar pilots during the war years and describes the participation of squadron fighters in hostilities outside the Krasnodar Region. The process of restoring the airfield and the communications connected with it after the liberation of the Kuban from the Nazi invaders is shown, the work of restoring the economy and assisting the front is highlighted.

Keywords: aircraft, aircraft, aviation squad, Krasnodar airport, air base, civil aviation, World War II, Aeroflot, Krasnodar, Pashkovsky.